[.NET@noon] "Emergent Agile: A discussion on Developer-Driven Agile Adoption" by Bergman, Carlson and Gifford on August 21st, 2014 at Startup City Des Moines.

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Emergent Agile: A discussion on Developer-Driven Agile Adoption

Many of us have heard about Agile concepts in recent years. Sometimes change comes down from the top, other times it comes from within. This panel discussion will feature local leaders in the agile space as we talk about how developers can make small adjustments to simplify their lives.

If you've found some small successes applying agile concepts in your own life, please bring your stories along.

This event will mark the end of our great time at Startup City. We thank them for their great hospitality over the years and wish all their members the best of luck with what comes next. Thank you.

Ryan Bergman

Big Nerd, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group

I care about the craft of writing good, working code. I have a passion for agile practices that help enforce repeatable, predictable behavior and produce software clients actually want to use. Areas of particular interest include SAAS architecture, application usability, CI, and testing at all levels.

Brandon Carlson

IT Nerd, Lean TECHniques, Inc.

A self-proclaimed nerd with over 15 years of experience, Brandon has become passionate about elevating the performance of IT as a whole, and has helped numerous organizations from startups to Fortune 100 companies improve their product development and delivery systems. Brandon’s current interests include data-driven product definition/development and professionalism in the world of IT. He can be reached on Twitter and pretty much everywhere else on the web as “bcarlso”.

Timothy Gifford

Agile Coach, Lean TECHniques, Inc

Tim Gifford works with teams to transform their software from a liability and cost center to an asset and competitive advantage. Tim has also co-founded the IADNUG and Agile Iowa user groups

Meeting Location

Startup City Des Moines  317 6th Ave., 5th floor  Des Moines, IA 50309

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Meeting Agenda

11:45 PM - 12:00 PM: Free Pizza & Soda / Announcements

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Presentation, Drawings & Giveaways


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